Khanh Ha

Short Stories 

A Jester’s Tale (Saranac Review)
Diary of a Mute Girl (novel excerpt) (Solstice Journal)
A Bridge Behind (Eastlit)
The Eunuch’s Daughter (Poydras Review)
My Name is Chiyo (The Bosphorus Review of Books)
All the Rivers Flow into the Sea (Thrice Fiction)
The Leper Colony (Thrice Fiction)
The Sandpiper’s Tracks (Writing Tomorrow)
The Woman on the Plain (Cigale Literary Magazine)
The Name of Sorrow (Ducts)
A Yellow Rose for the Sinner (Red Savina Review)
The Devil’s Mask (Squawk Back)
The Red Fox (Zymbol)
The Dream Catcher (ARDOR)
Of Dust and Butterfly (Glint Literary Journal)
The General Is Sleeping (Red Earth Review)
Another Realm (Military Experience & The Arts)
Twelve Human Spleens (Military Experience & The Arts)
The Children of Icarus (Mount Hope)
Red Rose, Yellow Rose (Saint Ann’s Review)
Softly Come Her Steps (The Literary Yard)
Thy Name Is Death (Underground Voices)
A Far Place Called Home (Waccamaw Journal)
The Lady of Dien Bien Phu and the Senegalese Giant
    (Waccamaw Journal)
The Orphan Child (Artful Dodge; reprint in Belletrist Journal)
The Remains of Her Son (Crack the Spine)
The Virgin’s Mole (Drunk Monkeys)
The Afterworld of Samuel Rossi (Long Story Magazine)
A Mother’s Tale (Louisiana Literature)
The Snake Catcher’s Son (Mobius)
The River of White Water Lilies (Moon City Press)
Mrs. Rossi’s Dream (Ocotillo Review)
The Drifter, The Hooker, and The Girl Photographer
    (Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine)
The American Prisoner (Permafrost Magazine;
     reprint in The Missing Slate)
One Wish (Quarterly Literary Review Singapore)
The Bones of Her Son (Seven Circles Press)
The Red-Devil Tattoo (StorySouth)
Mother (Sugar Mule)
Love Is a Souvenir (FRiGG Magazine)
Size-Twelve Boots (Viet National Magazine)
The Woman in the U Minh Forest (The Sea Letter)
Sleeping Beauty (Verdad)
All the Pretty Little Horses (The Museum of Americana)
Moths to the Flame (Cagibi)
The Yin World of Love (Superstition Review)
The Weaver of Dien Bien Phu (Evening Street Press)
Black Shoes (The Opiate)
The Silence of Knowing (TAYO Literary Magazine)
Of Bones and Lust (The Missing Slate)
A Mute Girl’s Yarn (Blue Mesa Review)